Skin Deep Laser Clinic is based in Tenterden and Specialises in Anti Ageing and Beauty Treatments.

About  Skindeep Laser Clinic?

Skindeep Laser Clinic offers a professional and personalised service to its clients based in Tenterden, Kent.

Specialising in pain-free laser hair removal for men and women as well as anti ageing treatments (both laser and non-lasers), Skindeep Laser Clinic aims to provide safe and effective treatments in a professional and clean environment. At Skindeep Laser Clinic, you can rest assured that you are in qualified hands. The clinic is owned by Lisa Wilson, who oversees the consultations and performs the treatments, Lisa has years of experience and extensive knowledge of the procedures. Lisa is fully qualified, trained and certified and provide the highest standard of care in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that feels comfortable to clients. The clinic is also overseen by a Laser Protection Advisor.

Why Choose Skindeep Laser Clinic?

Skindeep Laser Clinic provides a highly bespoke service in that each client is treated on a completely individual basis. Lisa will draw up a treatment program specific to your needs and clients will have our undivided attention from the initial enquiry to the moment you finish your treatments, and even beyond if you have any queries, providing thorough aftercare for any concerns. Each client leaves Skindeep Laser Clinic not only having had an amazing treatment but also with that personal touch that makes all the difference.

Highly Qualified Skin Experts

No matter how advance clinical equipment is, excellent results will never be achieved if people who are using them do not have the necessary skills and knowledge for the work. Additionally, lack of expertise posts a threat in the safety of clients. This is something that does not happen at Skindeep Laser Clinic.

The team is composed of the most qualified skin professionals that are well-versed about anything that concerns the skin.
They are fully knowledgeable of using these technologically advanced tools. In a very quick glance at the skin of a client, they are sure to know what to do. They would give you free professional advice on how you will maintain a beautiful skin. In this way, you will be sure on the next steps you will adopt to take good care of your skin.

Skin treatments have never been this safe, efficient, and satisfying. The next time you need to make your skin flawless, choose the most reliable team and procedures. If you want to be one of the greatly satisfied clients, have your way to Skindeep Laser Clinic. With us, your skin will have its fairest look.

Call Lisa on 07547 477300 to book an appointment or discuss a treatment